Friday, August 28, 2009

Party Like Teddy

Heard the news about Ted Kennedy? Of course you have, although you probably haven’t heard how the now deceased U.S. senator spent his younger days on Bermuda’s pink shores. When he wasn’t fighting for human rights, championing health care, or captaining his beloved 50-foot sailboat the Maya, he was here enjoying the very things that make Bermuda such a wonderful place to visit. There was the 1990 stay when he popped up at a Ziggy Marley concert at the Bermuda Athletic Association (go Teddy!) and according to Frommer’s Boston, he was a frequent patron of the Swizzle Inn in Bailey’s Bay, no doubt sipping one of its potent house drinks. Like the Clintons he would relax at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, a swanky hotel tucked away on Bermuda’s west end and it’s been reported that he and his first wife Joan liked to stroll the beach at Horseshoe Bay. Sounds like a lovely tour to me. In fact when my family paid me a visit just a few weeks ago, that was pretty much our itinerary to a tee (minus the reggae concert, of course). Wanna party like Teddy? Check out this deal from Cambridge Beaches: The resort is offering 25 percent off four-night stays through December 31, but you have to book by September 18. That means luxurious rooms that normally sell for $605 per night are on sale for around $345—still pricey but a hefty discount nonetheless. You’ll have a king sized bed, marble bathroom with whirlpool tub, and your very own private patio with endless ocean views—probably just the way Teddy liked it. 

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