Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hurricane Bill...Clinton

All of this hurricane business has clearly diverted my attention from spilling the beans on the arrival of yet another Bill to Bermuda’s pink shores: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Admittedly it’s old news by now. The two arrived last Tuesday with plans to vacation through the weekend. But the storm changed all that, forcing the Clintons to leave on Thursday night instead. It’s a shame they couldn’t stay longer, however it’s clear the power couple enjoyed their short time at Cambridge Beaches, a secluded hotel on the island’s west end with 94 cottages and panoramic views of Long Bay (although I’m guessing they skipped the hotel’s new clothing-optional pool deck). According to the Royal Gazette, the two ate breakfast at Tamarisk Terrace—Cambridge Beaches’ waterfront restaurant—and enjoyed lunch at Shutters, its casual poolside café. President Clinton even played a round of golf at Port Royal, the newly renovated public course that will host the PGA Grand Slam of Golf this October (I wonder how he fared on the punishing sixteenth hole?). Early reports said the couple was visiting Bermuda to celebrate the 30th anniversary of conceiving their daughter, Chelsea, which by all accounts is way too much information, but I suppose Bermuda can have that affect on people. Feel the love, indeed.

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