Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bermuda for Families

Apologies for the brief hiatus, however I’m hoping this oh-so-cute picture of my nieces enjoying the Bermuda aquarium is reason enough for you to forgive my lack of writing. Why the delay? You guessed it: I’ve been entertaining family from out of town—a six-day, beach-hopping, face-stuffing stint that proved to me Bermuda is yet indeed a wonderful place for families. Did you hear that all you nay-sayers? I’m talking to you authors of Fodor’s Bermuda. When I first moved here three months ago I read a page in said guidebook that declared Bermuda not kid-friendly because “there isn’t a single water park on the island.” Huh? Last I checked the south shore was chock full of them; I think they’re called beaches. Horseshoe was a hit, Elbow didn’t disappoint, and Long Bay, with its natural rock outcroppings and powdery sand was spectacular as ever. The book also lamented the lack of rental cars, adding how difficult it was for families trying to get around. Sure, we paid a bit more than we wanted for taxis here and there, but nine times out of ten we were greeted by a kindly cabbie who happily escorted us on our way (not to mention, my niece, Isabel, loved the bubble gum colored busses which run frequently and cover much of the island). Entertaining guests also allows you to be a tourist in your own home, something I enjoyed whole-heartedly during subsequent visits to the aquarium and Bermuda’s famed crystal caves. The kids loved them too, which is exactly the point. Bermuda might be for deep-pocketed sun-seekers, but it’s without a doubt well-suited for families searching for a break from the norm. I just can't wait to do it all over again.


  1. Fodor is a crack-pot

  2. Hey there old buddy! If you're ever up for a game of tropical Laser Tag, be sure to gimme a shout next time you're in Bermuda.