Friday, January 7, 2011

Man With Golden Voice Loves Bermuda!

By now you’ve probably heard the story: A homeless man from New York named Ted Williams was standing on the side of route 71 in Columbus, Ohio, when a Columbus-Dispatch reporter asked him to say a few words on camera. Of course, he didn’t look the part of a polished radio announcer, with his wild gray hair and fatigued Army jacket, but when he opened his mouth he not only surprised the reporter, but he quickly surprised the world. What resulted was an internet sensation—a viral video with more than 5 million hits of the self-proclaimed Man With The Golden Voice. Williams has since been offered a voiceover job with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a mac & cheese commercial gig and has also been sought after by the bigwigs at NFL films. Yesterday he was on the Today Show, and guess what? He loves, loves, loves Bermuda! No joke folks. Ted Williams’ happiest moment in life was when he traveled to Bermuda in the 1970’s with his beloved mother. Don’t believe me? Then watch the above video as Williams spills the beans to Ann Curry and Al Roker just before the seven-minute mark. Here’s what he had to say when recounting the most cherished time of his life: “My mom took me to Bermuda. I love Bermuda. I don’t know what’s going on in Bermuda now, but in the 70’s that was the Hawaii of the Atlantic as far as I’m concerned. And being from New York, Bermuda is the closest thing to Hawaii that we have.” Boom!

And here’s one better: Having heard the flattering news, the Bermuda government has extended an invitation for The Man With The Golden Voice to visit our sunny shores. For real. According to Bernews, Patrice Minors, the Minister of Business Development and Tourism, has advised that steps are underway to bring Williams to Bermuda. “I must admit that when I saw his story I too was moved by his life struggles and challenges,” said Minister Minors. “And how absolutely touching that he cited Bermuda and his memories of our beautiful Island as being a beacon of light in his life. So, in a gesture of kindness and good will I can confirm that we have reached out to Mr. Williams to let him know that his story has deeply touched all of Bermuda. We would be pleased to welcome him and it’s hoped that he will be able to visit the Island sometime in the near future.” This story just keeps getting better. Three jobs, the Today Show, a free vacation in Bermuda—it doesn’t get much better than that. Although Teddy, you’re still looking a little gaunt these days. How about this? You come to Bermuda and I promise to cook you dinner at my house. No joke. If you make it to Bermuda consider this a standing invitation to dinner at Chez LaHuta. Hope to see you soon buddy!


  1. right on Teddy...too cool

  2. I love this story and I love his voice. Who would have known that he loves Bermuda!?