Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bob Marley in Bermuda!!

This just in: Bob Marley will be performing live in Bermuda from January 13 through 15, at 7pm and again at 10pm at the Fairmont Southampton. No, really. However it might not be the person you're thinking of. Bob Marley Jr., a comedian from Portland, Maine, who holds the Guinness World Record for performing the longest comedy set in history (40 non-stop hours, the first 18 without any repetition of material), will be yakking up the crowd at this year's Just For Laughs Festival in Southampton, Bermuda. “I was named after my father,” said Bob in a recent interview with the Royal Gazette. “When I was born he’d never heard of Bob Marley the singer. I’ve had all these crazy things happen to me as a result of the name. For example, once I got a $6,000 check for the History of Rock meant for the singer Bob Marley. The name was a lucky coincidence.” Marley will be on stage with fellow comedians Gina Yashere, Sebastian Maniscalco, Dom Irrera and Godfrey, who also performed at last year’s Just For Laughs Festival. For tickets visit and for more about Bob Marley, visit—where else?—

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