Monday, December 13, 2010

Don't Try This At Home

Here's one of the best reasons why summer in Bermuda is way better than the chilly winter months: Cliff jumping. Of course one could always dive from an 80-foot-high cliff in December, but let's just say the reception once in the water isn't as pleasant. Care to see some of Bermuda's high-flying adventurers take the plunge from cliffs, bridges and towers across the island? Then check out this super-cool video shot entirely in Bermuda this summer. As one of the jumpers notes half-way through you don't train for stuff like this—you just drink, which is clear since most of them are clutching Heinekens throughout the shoot. Turn up your speakers, sit back and enjoy. And for even more cliff-jumping goodness check out this other video from Burnt House Hill Productions. You can thank me later.


  1. Sick! Thanks for the vid suggestion. Now i know what i am doing next time i head to Bermuda!

  2. Love the video! I would definitely jump off some of those cliffs, but some of them were a bit much for this guy. Would like to snorkel to off those reefs and that wreck too.