Friday, December 10, 2010

On Holiday

Although beloved in Bermuda and quite successful on the international reggae circuit, Collie Buddz has never been my cup of tea. The Bermudian singer has long performed dance hall reggae, a louder style of music known to attract fans unleashing the full fury of handheld air horns at live concert events. Don't believe me? Google it. But those who know me know that I like to focus on the positive—and what’s more positive than a song about quitting your job and taking a tropical vacation? That’s why I’m loving Collie Buddz’ newest video, which was shot entirely in Bermuda and has a surprisingly good song to back it up. And no, it’s not dance hall. Called Holiday, the song (and video) is Collie’s latest single, released to the masses on Wednesday. Catchy and quite listenable, it’s actually one of my new favorite Collie Buddz tunes even though I’m convinced his accent was stolen from Kingston, Jamaica but that’s a different story altogether. Check out the video above and marvel at some of the beautiful landscape that is Bermuda including shimmering pink sand beaches and blue-water boat trips. Need a holiday yourself? Remember, the island is only two hours away from most east coast gateways. Happy listening!

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  1. I hope he pulled up his anchor on that boat trip