Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get Thee To Bermuda

This just in from a loving mother-in-law to be regarding yesterday’s picks for most deserving wedding couple. Looks like I was right on the money by picking Garison & Danielle (pictured) for one of those ten destination weddings in Bermuda. Here’s what Martha had to say in the comment box yesterday: “Thank you for picking Garison and Danielle for the "Linked for Life" category. We love Bermuda. [My husband and I] have honeymooned there, run your marathon, baked cassava pie on Christmas in Bermuda, Garison was baptised with Bermuda water, my daughter [was] named after a parish and we gave blood while on vacation when Bermuda had a shortage. While we probably won't win the category we have won nonetheless. Thank you for your vote.” No, Martha. Thank YOU for reading! They sound like a lovely couple and considering your daughter's middle name is in fact Pembroke—the parish that encompasses the city of Hamilton—I have a feeling the Bermuda Gods may indeed be looking down upon you (although I have a feeling she's glad you didn't pick Devonshire or St. George's for nombre numero dos). Hey Department of Tourism & the Knot, you hear that? These good folks even donated blood here! Sounds pretty deserving of a Bermudaful wedding to me. Consider Bermuda Shorts pulling for you all the way.


  1. Thank you for your kind words, David. While the contest ended last night, and most likely Garison and Danielle did not win, we remain content. For us, every sojourn in Bermuda has been a much anticipated break from the bustle of the "East Coast." One ride through the Bermuda Botanical Gardens clears out the city soot. Also, you should see your island through the eyes of a marathon runner: 26 miles 385 yards of observing every flower, tree, and shrub in full bloom, cheering Bermudians, the sweet smells of oleander, the pastel homes, the smiling faces, those never-ending gentle, rolling tribal roads (yikes, those were tough!). As a side note, my daughter and I are planning a post-Christmas, over-New Year's Eve trip to Bermuda. Martha

  2. Well, Garison and Danielle were out-voted and did not win that Bemuda wedding, however, Garison just posted a lovely invitation: "8/13/11! Thats the date!! Connecticut! We'll treat the President of jetblue to a flight to our wedding, 'Tucker's Point' GM an overnight at the local hotel, the President/Founder of "the knot" to his/her own private wedding cake.. and let the PM of BDA sit at the wedding party table." Now that's gracious! Martha