Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First hurricanes, now this?

As I've reported over the past several weeks, Bermuda's been threatened quite a few times this hurricane season. There was Hurricane Katia, which left some killer surf in her wake; Hurricane Maria, a fairly large storm that dumped rain on the island for a day; and most recently Hurricane Ophelia, a Category 3 whopper that clipped the east end of Bermuda. No direct hits, but gnarly weather nonetheless. Of course, this is all to be expected when you live on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. Storms happen. But earthquakes? Yep, that's right. According to the Royal Gazette, Bermuda was hit with two minor earthquakes on Monday evening: Two 4.5-magnitude tremors that happened within 20 minutes of each other. Granted, both were pretty far from land—reportedly 80 miles south of Hamilton and about seven miles below the surface (right where that red star is)—but still. Earthquakes? Geez.

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