Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where Art Thou Phil?

It looks like Bermuda’s own Ruth O’Kelly-Lynch—a local reporter at the Royal Gazette—has been stirring the global pot of golf media these days. Her recent article titled “Grand Slam on its last legs?” has been picked up and commented on by Golf Digest’s Local Knowledge blog and by Golf TV, both of which agree with the reporter’s theory that if the PGA Grand Slam of Golf’s biggest draw doesn’t accept his invitation this year (that’s Masters champion Phil Mickelson if you’re wondering) the tournament may not return to Bermuda. Reports O’Kelly-Lynch: “When asked if [the tournament] would be back next year Dr. Brown [Bermuda's premier] said: ‘We hope so. The PGA is working hard to make sure we have a marquee name for this year's tournament. I would probably have bet my house that we would have had Tiger [Woods] within the four-years and I would have been wrong. We are in talks about next year but we are going to wait and see what happens this year. If we don't get a good deal this year we will have to renegotiate.’” It’s an unfortunate report considering the year-end tournament is such an anticipated event on the global golf calendar. Sure, we’d all love to see Phil tee one up on Port Royal’s 16th hole, where there’s nothing but the turquoise Atlantic between the tee and the pin, but if he doesn’t come it’s hardly a deal-breaker. Should Mickelson decline the event to which Graeme McDowell (U.S. Open), Luis Oosthuizen (British Open) and Martin Kaymer (PGA Championship) have also been invited, an offer would be given to runner up Tiger Woods. Assuming he’d also decline, an invitation would then be extended to Ernie Els, a formidable champion with three major titles under her belt. No doubt we’d all love to see Phil in Bermuda—and really, Phil, if you're reading, you should definitely come play; if you're still unsure then tune in tomorrow when I explain to you why—but I say the tournament is way stronger than one player alone.

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